Stenciling Picture Frames

Another great project that I enjoy is taking a blank wooden picture frame and turning it into something a bit cooler.  I was able to snag a really great deal on a pair of  8 x 10 and the perfect reusable stencil set at one of my favorite stores to shop at, Marden’s.  If you are ever in Maine this is the place to stop for great bargains of all kinds.  Their tag line is, “When you saw it, you should have bought it, at Marden’s.” Meaning if you see it and don’t buy it, it’s going to be gone.  After I completed the pair of these frames I returned looking for more and sure enough they were gone.  I was however able to find another set of stencils.  I hadn’t really done a lot of stenciling before so this was a beginner level project for me.  When you’re new to this type of craft it is best to use a self sticking stencil so that it doesn’t move on you as easily.

The first thing I did was use blue painters take and tape the corners all around the frame to be sure not to let any paint bleed onto the glass.  I then used a white acrylic paint to cover the frame’s natural wood.  This was a personal choice.  You can also stencil directly onto the wood in your choice of color.  You can either use several coats of white or a simple light whitewash effect.  I opted for multiple layers to make my stenciled color of metallic sapphire pop.  The brand and color of the paint it entirely up to you.  I happened to use this brand because I liked the color choices and it happened to be on sale at my local craft store that week.

After I let the base coat throughly dry I placed my stencil onto the area of the frame that I wanted to decorate.  I then dipped my stenciling brush into the paint and tapped up and down into the area where the stencil shape was.  I did this several times making sure to fill in the whole area.  When I was finished I lifted the stencil straight up and moved on to the next side.  I repeated this step on all sides of my picture frame.  Below you will see the finished product.

My major purpose for this craft is to make a collage of childhood pictures of my fiance and I into each one to have on our gift/guest book table at the wedding. This is also a great project to do with children.  Instead of using paint and stencils you can use stamps, stickers, foam shapes, beads, or anything that you have lying around.

I hope that you have enjoyed this post.  Stay tuned for more ideas from The DIY Playground.