Save The Date Cards

One of the newest trends in the wedding planning world is using a postcard for your save the date card.  Now this can also be used as an invitation for a birthday party, bridal shower, or any other type of event.  There are several sites out there where you can purchase the postcards already done up for you, meaning all you need to do is stamp and send.  I personally enjoy doing them myself.  Not only does it give you total control of the design but it also gives a little love into each and every card.

My fiance and I visited an odd lot store and purchased enough post cards to send one to each person on our guest list.  We tried to choose images that were meaningful to us or scenes of places we had visited.  Living in Maine we were also able to stick with our ocean theme due to the grand selection of “tourist” post cards.  This is also a chance for you to choose cards for those who don’t live in your state or immediate area.  As you’ll see in the pictures some of our cards displayed, “Greetings From Maine” on them.

We were also able to find some great printable labels made by Wilton that allowed us to personalize the card with all of the information needed.  You can purchase any type of designer label at your local paper or crafting store.  Sadly the labels that I used are no longer available for online purchase.

This method also allows you to save a significant amount on your postal budget.  It is an interesting experience to walk into the post office and ask for 150 post card stamps.  You get a very interesting look from the post master and a very limited selection.  We were lucky enough to get polar bear stamps that added a sense of finesse to the card.

As the finishing touch we made personalized return addressed labels to save time on hand addressing.  I used a piece of clip art in the shape of bubbles and hearts as there will be bubbles at our reception.  Any type of clip art will do just fine.

Another variation on this idea is to use old greeting cards that you have lying around the house.  We all run into the same dilemma with what to do with old cards.  When I ran out of postcards I then used old greeting or note cards.  I used my paper cutter and sliced it in half, saving the blank side for scrap paper, and used the image as for post card.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to drop me a line.  I’ll be posting more DIY ideas as they come along.

The picture on the left is a display of the front of the cards and shows variety in styles of cards that you can use.  The picture on the right shows the inside of the card including the personalized label and method.

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