Personalized Bridal Party Hangers

I decided to do something special for my bridal party that would also look great in the photographs.  While exploring Etsy one day for my next DIY project idea I came across personalized bridal party hangers.  I had seen them done in wedding magazines and by no means was I about to pay someone $50 to make a set of five for me.  I toyed with the idea of how to make it for a long time until it struck me one while in Marden’s.  Below are the directions from this simple project that will wow your ladies.

Wooden hangers (1 for each person)
Floral stickers
Fabric Paint

I purchased simple wooden hangers that have hooks for hanging dresses.  I also purchased floral stickers that were similar to my wedding colors.  You could use anything from buttons to blingy jewels to decorate the hangers.  The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.  I decided to use the stickers because I did not want to deal with hot glue.

I then placed one large sticker at the top of the hanger and a smaller on towards the middle of the right arm.  It was very easy to attach because these were stickers.

I then used the fabric paint to write each of my girls names on the left arm.  After letting it dry for about an hour it is now ready to go.  When I made mine I decided to write my full name as you can see in the picture.

I hope that you have enjoyed this project and stay tuned for even more DIY projects as my wedding day gets closer.