Arts & Crafts Board

11403229_10152839542675936_7833911683534347805_nI started off by picking up a piece of trim from the local lumber store scrap bin that was the right length for the location. I was initially looking for some strapping but they had a good piece of trim/molding with a decorative edge just the right length. We had some left over paint from Zack’s room that I used on the board giving it two coats on the front and 1 on the back.

11393265_10152839542220936_4680654497121931669_nAfter the board had a day to fully dry I started laying out and measuring for the mounting holes (do this before you paint the board) and the paper/art holder clip. This is where I ran into a little bit of a problem. I had painted the board without putting the mounting holes in and when I drilled out the holes it messed up the paint.


1476561_10152839542125936_909445032036003793_nAfter another quick touch up with the paint I was good to go. I drilled out some little holes about 1/4″ into the board and attached the clips with a small screw. I layed them out on the board trying out a few options before setting on mounting them every 8.33″. I would recommend giving much more space, most art projects are on 8.5×11″ and in landscape so be sure to give yourself 10-11 inches between hooks.

1546189_10152839542045936_7876787209512285027_nFinally it time to mount it on the wall and add the art!

Total Cost: $7

  • 2 Packages of 4 Bulldog Clips from Target, $3 each
  • 1 Piece of scrap wood, $1

What I Would Change

I would drill the holes in the board to mount it as well to attach clips before I painted the board. I would also give a lot more space between the clips, at least 10 inches. I would also put it so the decorative part of the molding is facing up, I chose to face it down but it is now covered by the art.


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