The DIY Playground Introduction

The DIY Playground has been an idea floating around inside of my head for years.  Have you ever been searching for a project that you wanted to do yourself instead of buying it at the store only to find that no one has done it before? Or that no one has done it the way you were thinking? Yeah well that’s been me for the past few years.  The idea took root hard core in April when I became engaged.  My fiance and I were looking for ways to cut costs and save money so we decided that we would have an at least 75% DIY wedding.  In this blog you will find various do it yourself crafting ideas that can be adapted to any occasion.  If you have any questions or need some tips on a project your working on please don’t hesitate to ask.  Or if you’ve got a great DIY project to share let me know and you can be a guest blogger for the day. Keep on crafting and having fun because that’s what The DIY Playground is all about.