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Personalized Bridal Party Hangers

I decided to do something special for my bridal party that would also look great in the photographs.  While exploring Etsy one day for my next DIY project idea I came across personalized bridal party hangers.  I had seen them done in wedding magazines and by no means was I about to pay someone $50 to make a set of five for me.  I toyed with the idea of how to make it for a long time until it struck me one while in Marden’s.  Below are the directions from this simple project that will wow your ladies.

Wooden hangers (1 for each person)
Floral stickers
Fabric Paint

I purchased simple wooden hangers that have hooks for hanging dresses.  I also purchased floral stickers that were similar to my wedding colors.  You could use anything from buttons to blingy jewels to decorate the hangers.  The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.  I decided to use the stickers because I did not want to deal with hot glue.

I then placed one large sticker at the top of the hanger and a smaller on towards the middle of the right arm.  It was very easy to attach because these were stickers.

I then used the fabric paint to write each of my girls names on the left arm.  After letting it dry for about an hour it is now ready to go.  When I made mine I decided to write my full name as you can see in the picture.

I hope that you have enjoyed this project and stay tuned for even more DIY projects as my wedding day gets closer.

Wedding Invitations

Welcome back to another edition of the DIY Playground.  This week I’m going to be sharing with you how I made my wedding invitations.  I bought a standard kit from Micheal’s and decided to make it my own.  This was a pocket invitation kit with inserts.  I used my HP deskjet printer to print all the individual pieces and then assembled them.

The first step was to work on the covers of the invitations. The cover of the invite was a solid blue so I decided to spice it up with some pink backing.  We decided to use our engagement picture as the cover and backed it with hot pink paper.  I attached it to the cover with double sided tape.

I then printed my inserts and attached them to the inside of the invite opposite the pocket with double sided tape.  We opted for a semi-casual wording and used a calligraphy font.

When making my registry cards I turned  to my favorite stationary website, Vistaprint.  We were very luck and were able to order personalized business cards with our name and wedding date.  I printed up a clear label stating where we are registered and attached it to the front of the card.

Another great find at Vistaprint were our RSVP cards.  Since we are doing a family style potluck reception I need to make sure there was a spot for people to signify if they were bringing anything.  I was able to personalize this on their website and they were shipped directly to me for only the cost of shipping.  I attached an address label and postcard stamp for an easy reply.

We needed to make sure the directions were included.  I opted to use the inserts that came in the invitation kit.  We decided to print the directions to the church on the front and the directions from the church to the reception hall on the reverse side.

After filling all the envelopes with the above information it needed to be sealed.  We ordered the personalized seals on shutterfly for some of the invitations.  I then used the seal that came with the kit for the rest of them.

If you have any questions about how I did the invitations please let me know.

Wedding Card Box

I have just completed the biggest DIY project that I have EVER done.  I have seen all the card boxes online that other brides have made and was impressed.  So much so that I decided to go my own path as always and mix it up.  I decided to go with a simple square box and do a single layer instead of the classic three as seen with others.  Below you will find a supplies list as well as general instructions.  As with any project it is important to put your own spin on things and to get in touch with your creative side.

Box with lid
Roll of white craft paper
Double sided stick tape
Exacto knife
4 spools pink ribbon
4 spools turquoise ribbon
Alphabet stickers
Adhesive gems
Masking tape
Scotch tape

I started the project by gathering all of the above materials.  I made sure to document with pictures as much as possible to allow you to recreate this on your own.

1.  I started by covering the box with white craft paper as if I was wrapping a present.  The box I found on clearance at Target did have a dansk print on it that I wanted to cover.  I made sure to tape the paper on the inside of the box as well as on the bottom so that it is sturdy and the seams are hidden.  I then went around the bottom with a second layer to create a smooth seam.  I tried to use as much double sided stick tape to attach the paper to the box but found that scotch tape was still needed to attach on the inside.

2. The next step is to create a slot in the lid for the cards to slide into.  My fiance helped with this step and used his exacto knife to cut a simple hole in the top.  Before covering the box with paper I used the masking tape to line the inside of the slot.

3. This is when the fun begins.  After both the cover and box are covered it is now time to begin the ribbon weaving.  I started by cutting strips of pink ribbon and attached it to the cover of the box to create the grid for weaving.  I taped the strips on the inside of the cover with scotch tape.  Make sure to use a good amount of tape or the pieces will loosen up during weaving.  I then cut strips of blue and started to weave them through in the standard pattern as shown.  IMPORTANT: don’t cut all the strips of blue in advance because they will need to be shorter while you are weaving around the slot.

4.  As soon as the entire top is weaved you must now tackle the sides.  This was by far the most difficult to figure out and sadly I forgot to take pictures while doing this step so if you have questions please let me know and I will try to elaborate. I started by weaving the ribbon together as I did before.  I then undid the first and last vertical strip and proceeded to attach the strips together with double sided stick tape to form a single piece.  I then folded one color under the other and taped the top color to the box.  This created a smooth edge.  I did this around the whole cover and my ribbon weaving was completed!

5. My favorite part was decorating the box.  I was able to snag the alphabet letters on clearance.  I decorated three sides of the box each with a different word but still with the same design.  I then placed my adhesive gems on each of the four corners on each side to give it a little glam.  As you see in the photo above I placed the word “Cards” with embellishments on the front side.  In the pictures below I decorated one side with my name and other with that of my fiance.

You now have a finished box that is ready to hold cards at any event.  If you need any additional instructions of help please let me know.